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Welcome to Spearithm Café! Here we don’t serve crispy pizza nor soft and gooey chocolates. Instead we serve each other scrumptious algorithms, mouth-watering mathematical equations, yummy theorems, delectable math puzzles and lots more. So why don’t you bring some novelties for math lovers!

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Why it pays to focus on maths ?

Students who aspire a high ATAR in their HSC should carefully select their subjects. Mathematics is one of the most rewarding subjects as HSC mathematics extension 1 and mathematics extension 2 get an incredibly high scaling when ATAR is calculated. However students find it stressing to develop a good grasp of mathematical concepts due to time intensive nature of these subjects. It is therefore important that students carefully plan their HSC studies. Spearithm has deigned courses to cover the HSC advanced mathematics and HSC mathematics extension courses in an accelerated manner. This gives an invaluable edge over other students who struggle to understand new topics when they are taught in school, as you will be consolidating the knowledge of the concepts for the second time, and feel more confident in applying the concepts to solve problems. This strategy incredibly reduces the stress levels and workloads, and maximises performance in school assessments and exams.

Year 12 is the most decisive year but one should not undermine the importance of doing well in year 11. Year 9 and year 10 are important years for working toward your HSC goals. Many year 9 and 10 students, however, dedicate the minimum amount of time and effort to study, believing there will be sufficient opportunities to do so in year 11 and year 12. These students lack a strong foundation and they struggle to perform in year 11 assessments. This affects their ATAR as students underperforming in mathematics in the year 11 are not allowed to do extension courses at the HSC level.

Therefore the key factor of HSC success is working ahead of school schedule. Spearithm  has designed strategic courses to complete the syllabus well ahead of schedule and to provide students with adequate practice of exam style problems. Imagine if you finished a significant part of the year 11 syllabus while you are studying in year 10 at school. Have you thought about finishing the entire HSC syllabus six months before your trials?  Then you could use most of your time in HSC for your revisions.