Teaching and Learning Strategies

Strategic Study Program

Spearithm has a three step learning program comprising lecture, workshop and tutorial. In the lecture, the mathematical concepts are explained and example problems are worked to apply the concepts. Workshop is an interactive and collaborative part of the weekly program that aims to develop problem solving, critical thinking and reflective thinking enabling the students to consolidate the knowledge gained in the lecture. Following the workshop, a tutorial is conducted for assessing each student’s independent learning outcomes.
Studying mathematics at the HSC level can be even more daunting and stressful for students because of their busy schedule. Spearithm is dedicated to provide an effective program for the HSC exam preparation. Our weekly program has a good coverage of exam style problems as we target to achieve maximum learning outcomes for our students.

Holistic Learning Approach

Spearithm does not believe in a teacher-centred approach. We practice a student-centred approach to tutoring. We recognise that there are individual differences in the learning abilities of students, and our teaching and learning strategies are adapted to the individual student’s pace of learning. Our holistic approach makes us different from tutoring colleges that enrol large groups and use a teacher-centred method without any room for customisation.

Analytic Thinking Skills

Students need an in-depth understanding of the relevant concepts to solve challenging mathematical problems especially at the HSC level. Spearithm is committed to promote an investigative problem solving approach for developing analytic thinking skills. Our interactive teaching approach facilitates a careful examination of the student’s abilities of formulating the steps to solve the problem and apply the relevant concept(s). The workshop reveals where the students are struggling, and they look again at the problem and complete some open ended interactive tasks based on the problem. This process develops mastery of the concepts and students can handle any challenging question.